Showcasing Innovation: Orange Startups at the World Electronics Forum (WEF) 2024

This year, the World Electronics Forum (WEF) 2024 in Rabat, Morocco, shines a spotlight on the vibrant startups emerging from the heart of Africa and beyond, including Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Tunisia, and Jordan. These startups, supported by Orange and the Orange Digital Centers network, embody the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial drive, ready to present their groundbreaking solutions and contributions to the global electronics landscape.


EWAATI is a Malian company specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics technologies. EWAATI overturns the status quo and brings a touch of artificial intelligence and robotics to transform the daily lives of businesses, institutions and public services in Mali in particular and Africa in general.

M. Fousseyni DEMBELE

Co-founder and CEO EWAATI
Burkina Faso

AgriMinga is a start-up in the field of hydroponic soil-less agriculture. It grows fruit, vegetables and aromatic plants in intelligent greenhouses. It combines agriculture and technology to save water and land resources through vertical farming. It plans to integrate AI and automation into the start-up's agricultural research and development.

M. Josias KERE


Laafi Concepts

Burkina Faso

Laafi Concepts develops technological solutions to supervise the supply chain of sensitive products. Our Laafi Monitor solutions, the Laafi mobile application and LaafiHub guarantee the quality of transport and storage of pharmaceutical products and perishable goods. Laafi Concepts offers you innovative and reliable solutions.

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M. Christian C├ędric


Wattnow offers an intelligent energy management solution. Combining hardware and software powered by AI, we deploy our intelligent sensors to retrieve energy data and control departures, grouping these elements together on a dashboard hosted in the cloud.

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Chief Business Officer, Wattnow

Aumet is MENA's largest B2B healthcare platform, revolutionizing healthcare procurement. It streamlines the ordering cycling between pharmacies and suppliers by AI-EnhancedHealthcare ERP linked with Marketplace Solutions.

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Yahya Aqel

CEO and Co-founder of Aumet

Schoolify enables school administrations to manage all school services online via its school platform. It also enables them to monitor student files and stay in constant contact with parents via an intuitive mobile application connected to the school web software in real time.

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Sokaina Sayouri

CEO - Schoolify

Pip Pip Yalah is an innovative start-up that has revolutionised the mobility landscape in Morocco. Our smart carpooling platform connects travellers across the country, offering a convenient and cost-effective way to get around. We focus on creating a supportive community of travellers who share their journeys, reduce traffic congestion and help protect the environment by limiting CO2 emissions.

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Hicham Zouaoui

CEO - Pip Pip Yalah

Founded in Dakar in 2019 by a group of young female leaders with a passion for the digital field, our start-up, named Digital Nisa. Our ultimate goal is to improve people's lives, with a focus on empowering women through digital technologies. We are determined to solve the persistent problem of inequality between men and women in terms of access to information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Adji Anta DABO