World Electronics Forum (WEF) 2024 - Post-Event Report

Last week, the World Electronics Forum (WEF) 2024 convened in Rabat, Morocco on April 17th and 18th, bringing together key stakeholders from global electronics associations and technology centers such as the Consumer Technology Association, Shenzhen Electronics Industry Association, Korea Electronics Association, and Technology Innovation Institute, along with NY Creates, Clinatec, and the newly joined FENELEC. This vibrant assembly included a rich Moroccan cultural and educational itinerary starting on April 15th, from exploring the historic Kasbah des Oudayas and enjoying traditional Moroccan cuisine and music to engaging strategic sessions with FENELEC, FrigInvest, and key advisors from the Moroccan Government and international investment communities. The event showcased Morocco's active commitment to enhancing its technology and electronics industry using technology for societal advancement.

Morocco's Investment Climate
As the host nation, Morocco demonstrated an attractive investment environment, underscored by political stability, a strategic geographic position, and forward-thinking energy policies aimed at achieving 80% renewable energy by 2050. These attributes affirm Morocco's role as a pivotal gateway for investments flowing into Africa. More information here on FrigInvest.


Ranked 1ST among 141 countries in terms of inflation rate stability

GDP has tripled in less than 20 years

Stable inflation rate maintained under 2% since 2010


1ST competitive country in NorthAfrica

2nd most attractive investment destination in Africa


184 connections with 71 countries

14 KM from Europe

Treatment capacity for 9 million of containers per year

Highlights of the Forum

  1. Accelerating Digital, Financial, and Energy Inclusion in the Middle East and Africa (Brutus Diakite, Orange Digital Platforms). Presentation
    • Connectivity and Inclusion: Diakite emphasized Orange’s investment in expanding network coverage and deploying 5G across Africa, alongside energy inclusion initiatives offering affordable solar kits aimed at reaching one million customers by 2025.
    • Financial Inclusion: He showcased the impact of the Orange Money platform, which processes over 615 million transactions per month, as a significant driver of socioeconomic development.
    • Digital Training and Entrepreneurship: The presentation also highlighted the role of Orange's digital centers in advancing digital skills, supporting over 226 startups, and training more than a million individuals, highlighting the company’s contributions to regional digital entrepreneurship.
  2. AI: A Good Servant But a Bad Master (Jean Staune). Presentation
    • Staune discussed the ethical challenges and potential risks associated with AI, stressing the technology's dual potential as both a beneficial tool and a risk to autonomy and privacy, touching on subjects from neural networks to quantum computing.
  3. Empowering NextGen Mobility (Thierry Lestable, Technology Innovation Institute) Presentation
    • Lestable’s talk focused on sustainable and autonomous infrastructure, illustrating how AI and advanced technologies are crucial in developing efficient urban mobility solutions.
  4. CES and Technology Trends (Janenne Remondino, CTA) Presentation
    • Remondino’s presentation showcased how CES acts as a catalyst in leveraging technological innovations to improve human security and economic growth. She highlighted selected areas from CES 2024 in areas such as Digital Health, Sustainability and AI initiatives. Further discussions on how all technology can progress human security for all and how to be success for if you plan to join for CES 2025.

Medical Innovations: Fonds Clinatec WEF 2024 Presentation

  1. Clinatec’s session presented innovative medical devices and technologies for treating severe brain pathologies and disabilities, focusing on breakthrough treatments like deep brain stimulation and photobiomodulation, demonstrating how technology can revolutionize care for aging-related diseases.

Key Aspects Discussed

  • Intersecting Challenges of Energy, Water, and Connectivity: Panel discussions highlighted the critical interdependencies between these sectors and their combined impact on sustainable development.
  • Investment in Innovation: Sessions explored how strategic investments are pivotal in driving innovation, such as NeoBank with specific focus on digital innovations and sustainable business practices.
  • Advancements in Healthcare: Technology's transformative impact on healthcare was a focal point, emphasizing improved patient outcomes and healthcare efficiencies.
  • Women's Role in Economic Growth: Discussions underscored the importance of enhancing diversity and inclusion within entrepreneurship to foster economic growth, and equipping young girls with ressources

AI and Ethics: The evolving role of AI from research to real-world applications brought up significant ethical discussions, emphasizing the need for balanced AI regulations.

Impact and Outcomes

WEF 2024 spurred essential discussions on sustainable energy, healthcare innovation, and AI integration and policy, propelling forward the agenda for sustainablegrowth and technological advancement within the tech and electronics industry. The event concluded with a gala featuring a special performance by Isaac Slate, the former lead singer from the band The Fray, encapsulating the forum’s dynamic and inclusive spirit. It didn’t go unnoticed that the singer’s biggest hit song was “How to Save a Life” which was very fitting for how tech can support human securities.


WEF 2024 solidified Morocco's status as an emerging leader in promoting innovation and investment in Africa, paving the way for future collaboration and growth in the tech and electronics industry. The forum exemplified the power of international cooperation and innovation in tackling global challenges. All of the WEF visiting members will bring the education learned from this event and the Moroccan community goals back to their respective countries to further the discussions on how we can work more with Morocco in the future.The next actions for this region is an African Pavilion at Eureka Park for CES 2025 piloted by Lamia Aamou’s team.

Photos: Available for download here.

Videos: Playlist of the event here.